Ordering Process:

Thanks for taking the time to check out our Ordering Process page!  Please take a moment to read these suggestions to help us better serve you.  Thanks for your interest!

Prior to Contacting Ai:
  • Our most popular products are listed by Engine Type.  Most of our listed products provide information regarding pricing, options, and results.  Please take the time to thoroughly read the description, pricing, and options of the work you are interested in before contacting us.

  • Please consider what you are looking for in terms of your performance goals, budget constraints, and longevity requirements.

  • Collect information regarding your current modifications, emissions requirements, etc.  We are happy to suggest a product or machine work to meet your goals, but will need as much information as you can provide to make an educated suggestion.

Contacting Ai:
  • Please email us from the email address you would like the response sent to!

  • Please include your name in the email.  It will enhance our ability to find and refer to it in the future.

  • If you would like us to quote fully insured shipping, please include your full shipping address.

  • Include as much information on the application as possible if you would like us to suggest a product or work for you.  Information such as engine displacement, piston valve relief volume, block deck height, transmission type, final drive ratio, header dimensions, fuel type, intended use, etc. will help us help you.

  • Please send a quick email to us so we know when to anticipate your heads & deposit.

  • We require a deposit of ~50% to begin work.  Please do not send in your heads if you are not ready to send in the deposit.  Sending in the full amount is advisable any time turnaround time is of paramount importance.

  • We suggest you send checks separately in an envelope.  Standard USPS, Priority, UPS, Fedex, etc. all work.

  • When shipping heads to us, ensure they are packaged securely, per our Shipping page.  This is critical to ensure your heads arrive undamaged!

  • Clearly write your name on the box!  Unidentified boxes are not opened until we determine who they are from so we can immediately mark the parts with the appropriate name or job #.


Because the work is first come, first served, the turnaround is constantly fluctuating.  Please inquire prior to shipping your cores and initial payment to get an estimate.  Estimated turnaround time is just that, an estimate, and is not guaranteed.  Most of the time we will meet or beat our projected turnaround time.  However, no amount of planning is infallible, and unforseen complications, such as component availability, are always possibility.  If you have a particular turnaround time that your project requires please feel free to ask if we can accommodate it.