If you would like to be included, please email us a copy of your corrected dynographs, any pictures & video, and especially timeslips!

LT1 Results:

Jeff Gilbert's 96 TA is dangerously close to 8 second ET's! - As seen making a mockery of a turbo honda ("I need 20 car lengths...") on Pink's, Jeff's 1996 Trans-Am is brutally quick.  Soon to be one of only a few to break into the 8 second range with a true LT1 powered LT1 F-body...

Mike Harvey's Street/Strip Z28 runs well into the 10's NA! - Mike has taken the time to put a superb combination together for his 1995 Z28.  With Mike's determination and skill this car will surely continue to impress as the weather comes around to us this fall...

Alek's NA 355 LT1 - 480 rwhp / 419 rwtq SAE - Aleks asked for a topend to transform his over-bore rebuild into a weapon and the numbers speak for themselves.  With a much fatter torque curve then most strokers, this is one hot 355...

96CapriceMGR's Record Setting 4200 lb B-Body! - Dwayne's daily driven Caprice is turning in great results at the track.  Even better than most B-bodies with 383-396 strokers, more compression, head & cam!  With a GM stock LT1 shortblock (NOT a rebuilt "stock 350"), the 190cc CNC LT1's and one of our small mild daily driver HR cams; not only has Dwayne run 11.95 @ 113 mph in the quarter with full exhaust, but its still daily driven!  Most unbelievable is that the cam is small enough that Dwayne actually tows his small boat with the car.  With the tune dialed in & intake/exhaust sorted out, Dwayne is expecting 11.80's in good air, all on the 100,000+ mile factory stock shortblock! Click here to check out his timeslips!

Another Full Weight 11sec LT1 Street Car! - Steve B. has made 428 rwhp & 375 rwtq SAE with a 355 rebuild, stock intake manifold, one of our streetable HR grinds, 190cc CNC'd LT1 castings, and a Moser 9" rear end on 93 octane pump fuel.  this is a full weight street car with 3665 lb raceweight!  With Steve's great tuning and driving ability he's run bests of 7.451 @ 94.45mph in the 1/8th and 11.528 @ 125.31mph in good air.  This is a gain of .8 seconds, 9 mph, and 50 hp+ over his previous best with the same shortblock and car using a competitors ported 205 cc LT1 topend!  Check out a few of his timeslips!

           11.5 @ 125    11.5 @ 125    11.5 @ 124    11.6 @ 121  

Bock's Street & Road Race Beast - How about OVER 400 rwtq by 2800 rpm with 440 peak rwtq and 445 peak rwhp from one of our NA LT1 packages?  This is a 383 with our proven 190 cc CNC LT1 package with full exhaust on pump fuel, a mild 230/236 .560" hydraulic and only 11.3:1 static compression.  Many may not believe it, but this is actually a mild setup specifically tailored to handle the abuse of road course track days and the rigors of daily driving.  Check out the dyno sheet here!

Matt's Street/Strip 383: 434 rwhp/ 417 rwtq SAE - With the guys at Speed Inc. doing the tuning, Matt's street/strip car made great power on pump fuel with full exhaust & 4.10's out back.  With our 190 cc CNC LT1's, an uported manifold, and our ultimate 383 street/strip cam; Matt's making more torque at 3000 rpm than more 383 LT1's produce peak at any rpm.  With monsterous torque and power from 3000-6500 rpm this is one of our best running packages for full weight cars & even exhibits fantastic drivability.  Click here to check out Matt's dynograph!

574 rwhp / 561 rwtq SAE on Pump Fuel! - Tory's daily driver Z has put down great power on 93 octane pump fuel.  This setup consists of our  190 cc CNC LT1's on a basic 383 cid LT1 shortblock, with a 230 deg HR camshaft, and a full exhaust system.  Tory runs a Vortech S-Trim with No Intercooler at only 9 psi for a safe & reliable street brawler.  Click here for Tory's dynograph.

FI's 9 Second LT1 Street Car! - Forced Inductions has pounded the rollers with 1012 rwhp / 909 rwtq SAE with their PTK 88mm Turbo setup on an ordinary budget Eagle 355 rebuild.  This street terror runs our 200 cc ported GM LT1 castings, a 218/218 .544/.544 cam, 12 bolt rear end, and a D&D T56 6-speed. This is a full weight street car with a 3680lb raceweight!  With Jose @ FI's experience its run a best of 122mph in the 1/8th and 9.871 @ 156.74 mph in the quarter! The fastest LT1 powered LT1 F-body ever! Click here for a timeslip of this record setting pass!

482 rwhp Stock 350LT1 on Pump Fuel! - Tim Glass' daily driver Z made great power on 93 octane pump fuel.  This setup consists of our 200cc TFS LT1's on a Stock 350 cid LT1 shortblock, a 224 deg HR cam, and a full exhaust with cats!  Tim runs a Vortech S-trim at a mere 6 PSI.  Click here to check out Tim's dynograph.

Brian Santore has put down 399 rwhp SAE and 357 rwtq (418 rwhp / 374 rwtq STD) on a stock LT1 shortblock with 140k miles on it.  Brian is running our Full Port LT1 heads, along with our 211-HR grind cam and an untouched LT1 Intake.  These numbers were obtained through Hooker LT's and a Full B&B Tri-Flow Catback.

Brian's Dyno Sheets: STD  SAE

*Update* With 141k miles, Brian's Z28 has rolled 409 rwhp / 374 rwtq SAE.

Waswa's 95 6-Speed Z28 - He rolled 412 rwhp through full exhaust with our 185cc LT1 Head Package, a GM847 Hydraulic Roller, and a mail-order program on a stock 72k mile LT1 shortblock.  Here is his dyno sheet.  SAE corrected, the numbers were still 405 rwhp & 365 rwtq.  With this setup Waswa has managed 12.00@116.64 mph! Thanks Waswa!

Nick's Daily Corner Carver - How does 411 rwhp SAE and 370 rwtq through 1-5/8" shorties and a full SLP catback from a stock LT1 shortblock with 98,000 miles, 91 octane MTBE fuel, and a 230/238-112 Hydraulic sound?  Check out the Dyno Sheet Here!  Thanks for the numbers Nick!

Eric's 95 Z28 - Eric Buss rolled 401 rwhp SAE and 378 rwtq through MAC headers and a Full Catback Exhaust.  Thats 420rwhp / 396 rwtq STD!  Eric is running a 355 cid LT1 with our Full Port LT1's, and untouched intake manifold, and our 211-HR grind cam.  To date his best track time at full weight has been 12.1 @ 117 mph on a 1.98 60'.  We're looking foward to some easy 11's on Drag Radials and another 10 - 15 rwhp from tuning.

Erics Dyno Sheets: STD  SAE
LSX Results:

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