Head Core Policies:

We offer a limited core exchange -  This is being done to help customers with time sensitive projects when we already have a large backlog of orders.  Our core exchange does not work in the typical fashion whereby you are charged a core fee that is later refunded.  When we have available cores suitable for your job, we will invoice you in full for the job, and finish machine our cores per your order.  Before we ship heads to you we must receive your exchange cores so that they can be inspected.  If the heads you send in for exchange have minor core issues like broken off bolts, threaded holes with damage, dents, etc. we will invoice you for those small repairs.  Your CNC'd heads will then ship.  We can normally inspect your exchange cores within a week.  This may not afford you zero downtime, but helps alleviate the wait when our backlog is long, and avoids time spent refunding core charges.  If you have a particular turnaround time that your project requires please feel free to ask if we can accommodate it.

CONDITION OF YOUR CORES - Possible Additional Charges

Though we are re-machining essentially the entire head, and can turn almost anything into something very nice, the condition of your cores matters.  All pricing for machining and labor is presuming you are sending in a decent pair of heads with typical carbon build up, oil staining, etc. you'd find on a normal hot rod / toy vehicle.  If you send in cores in poor condition, caked in sludge (inside, out, or both), dirt, or heavy corrosion then there will be an additional cleaning charge.  Our cleaning equipment is set up to deal with parts off of running, well maintained engines (e.g. racing engines that are clean, weekend toys, etc).  Terribly dirty cores require additional hours in prep, and very quickly foul our cleaning setup (solvents, ultrasonic detergents, etc are expensive to buy & dispose of).  This also goes for ALL painted heads - avoid painted cores.  You will be charged for this additional time - typically $100-300.  As the LSx cores age, we are beginning to receive exceptionally poor cores.  This policy change is an attempt to avoid raising prices for everyone purchasing machine work.  If you have particularly nasty cores, it is worth finding a better set or doing some basic scrubbing & scraping before sending them in.  Don't expect to buy junk yard cores off of a neglected service vehicle, and not incur additional $ & time in prep or repair.  These cores also typically have much more wear to guides & valves - anticipate possibly spending $ to address that as well.  Below are a few example photos of what to definitely try to avoid sending us.

Packaging & Shipping:

It is of paramount importance that you package your heads securely!  If your heads can move relative to one another in the box, OR relative to the box itself, there is a high probability they will be damaged in transit.  ALL shippers have handlers that will be dropping, throwing, and rolling your box(s).  You are responsible for any repair required due to damage incurred in shipping; insurance is typically useless except in the event your package is lost entirely.

Packaging Tips & Suggestions:

  • Ship via UPS or FedEx only.  Do not ship via US Postal Service.  Often, they do not attempt to deliver heavy items, claim "the business was closed," and your heads will sit in limbo or be returned to you.  If we take time away from work to go collect your heads, you will be billed for the time required to do that - typically $75-100.  USPS is only suitable for light packages (e.g. head components).

  • If you allow Kinko's, UPS Store, etc. to package your heads, then you need to ensure they follow these tips.

  • Use a sturdy box!  If you ship heads in a box originally intended for something half their weight, anticipate some damage.

  • If your heads are oily, please bag them.  Trash bags make great head bags.

  • NO PACKING PEANUTS!  They are not adequate; your heads WILL damage one another. Worse, we will remember you as the guy who had us chasing peanuts all over the shop.

  • Consider bolting heads together deck to deck or wrapping them individually in towels, bubble wrap, etc.

  • Fill the box with heavy packing paper, wadded newspaper, cardboard, etc. such that it is VERY tight.  If it is not difficult to close, you need much more packing material.

  • Tape is cheaper than repair!  The best packaging job is all for naught if your heads are dumped onto the concrete because you were miserly with tape.  Tape ALL box seams so they are not exposed.  More than a few inches between pieces of tape over box openings is insufficient.  Added Note: Gents, this isn't what we are suggesting; tape the box securely. Thanks!