Methods of Payment:

The preferred method of payment is via Quickbooks Payments E-Check, Personal or Cashiers Checks, or Money Orders. Cashiers Checks and Money Orders will post & clear within 2-4 business days and are suggested if your order must ship ASAP.  E-Checks via QBP, personal, and company checks typically take 4-8 business days to post & clear.  If your check is returned ("bounces") there will be a $30 fee added to your balance.  Checks & Money Orders should be payable to "Advanced Induction."

We are happy to bill your Visa or Mastercard - please E-Mail and we will email you an invoice in Adobe .PDF format w/ a secure link to pay w/ your card via IPN.  Please be advised that our pricing is "cash" pricing and you will be responsible for the 3.X% fee incurred when paying via credit card.

More Info on QBP & E-Checks:

Paying via E-Check on Quickbooks' Secure Payment Network has proven to be an excellent option for our customers.  E-Checks via QBP allow our customers to pay immediately without the delay of mailing payment in or incurring credit card processing fees.  It is also safer since you aren't mailing a paper check w/ your full name, address, account info and signature on it.  Quickbooks Payments is run by Intuit, who makes the most popular small business accounting software (Quickbooks).

None of your banking information is shared with us.  We only receive an email to let us know your name & email address, and that you are sending us payment.  You will receive the same confirmation email.

Payment, Scheduling, Cancellations, etc.:

Work is first come, first served.  Estimated turnaround is from receipt of your deposit.  To reserve a space on our calendar and get started we require a minimum of ~50% of the order total up front.  The balance must be paid in full before we ship your order.

If your balance is not received within 30 days of notification that your order is complete we will sell your order including the castings and refund whatever remains after a 25% restocking fee.

NO refunds or part exchanges except in the event we are responsible for supplying an incorrect part number.

If you back out of a project already in process you will be charged for the time already invested in your project, including time spent on correspondence, invoicing, etc.  Please do not initiate work you do not intend to have completed.

Website Pricing Information:

Though we regularly update our website with our most current offerings and prices, our costs do fluctuate and at times our prices may as well to accommodate this.  Before sending your initial payment, please contact us to confirm your order total including insured return shipping.


Our quotes are generated based on current pricing information, and the information given to us by our customers.  We do our best to ensure that everything is covered in our initial quotes, but if your particular job requires additional work, we reserve the right to alter the original quote.  We do not perform additional work without contacting the customer first.  This disclaimer is most applicable with repair work, where we simply cannot know what to expect until we begin our work.