Advanced Induction Cylinder Head Development
L T 1 200 C C Competition Head Package Ai CNC'd 200cc GM LT1's

This is it, the final word in GM LT1 casting based performance.  This is the exact head that powered Rick Abare's 530 rwhp 3470 lb Trans-Am into the 9's at over 138 mph on pump fuel.
L T 1 190 C C Street Strip Head Package Ai CNC'd 190cc GM LT1's

This is our original 190 cc CNC'd intake port paried with the updated chamber and exhaust ports from our 200 cc Competiton CNC LT1 Head. A proven budget performer for LT engines of all sizes.
Ai CNC'd Trick Flow 195cc LT1's

A great option for those looking for 500hp+ capable heads with our high end components & machinework.
Ai CNC'd Trick Flow 215cc LT1's

For those looking for a 600hp+ capable 23deg setup that includes a brand new set of castings, our fully CNC'd 215cc TFS LT1's are a phenomenal value.
Ai CNC'd Trick Flow 212cc 21° LT1's

This setup is ideal for guys looking for the power potential of our 215cc 23deg head, but with chamber volumes available to as small as 52cc.
Ai CNC'd 215cc GM LT4's

If you already own GM LT4's, the value of simply having our full CNC work applied to your castings cannot be beat.
Ai CNC'd 195cc GM LT4's

Our 195cc CNC work for the GM LT4's is a great option to unlock the majority of the performance potential within the GM LT4 head.
Ai Performance Rebuild for GM LT4's

Our Performance Rebuild includes the critical machine work required to bring your LT4's into better than new condition & gain some power in the process.