Advanced Induction Cylinder Head Development
GM Stock LT1 Intake Manifold Porting

If you're going all out with you LT1 setup, the Intake Manifold deserves some attention too.  Much like our cylinder head packages, this isn't something where a "one size fits all" product is optimal.  Because of this, we have several different levels of intake porting - from mild to wild.  If you have a stock shortblock or a mild 383, all you really need is basic inlet porting.  However if your goals are above 450 rwhp naturally aspirated we would recommend moving up to our Street/Strip manifold with ported runners.  Just like our heads, all LT1 intakes are fully washed, bead blasted, and deburred so that they return looking better than new!

*Note: To perfectly blend the TB opening to aftermarket TB bores we require either your TB, a gasket / template, or you may scribe around the insides of the bores yourself.  Otherwise we will enlarge the opening to a standard 59.5 - 60 mm dia. gasket that fits most 58 mm TB's.  Prior to shipping your manifold to us, please remove the hardware attached to it.  This includes the oil shield, fueling, and TB hardware.  Barb fittings for vacuum lines may be left in.

Porting Levels:

Cleaning and Inlet Porting - This offering is applicable to most engines with power goals below approximately 500 hp at the flywheel.  After cleaning, the physical modifications will be focused in the Throttle Body / Inlet areas of the manifold to enable the use of 58 mm or mono-blade aftermarket throttlebodies.

Street/Strip Ported Intake - This is the same manifold Rick Abare has run 9.8's @ 138 mph in a 3470 lb car making 520 rwhp SAE through an automatic and a 9" Ford rear end.  It will easily support 550 flywheel HP and over 600 FwHP in more aggressive applications.  With massaged runners, enlarged Throttle Body bores and internal inlet contouring this is our best LT1 Intake value.

Street/Strip Ported Intake w/ Corrected Geometry - This is the exact manifold listed above with much more machinework.  The ONLY way to make the ports of your intake manifold align with the ports of the head is via machinework, NOT "gasket matching."  To save our stock short-block customers money, our 190 cc & 200 cc CNC'd LT1's include machining of the head that corrects the typical mismatch producedby milling the head deck and going to a thinner gasket.  However, for extreme applications or any application where the deck height of the block is altered, the flanges and end rails of the intake manifold must be machined to ensure proper fitment and port alignment.  We will mock your exact heads up on one of our test blocks to duplicate your exact deck height, head gasket, and intake gasket combination and machine the intake manifold to correct the geometry of the flanges.  You may be able to bolt your manifold on by elongating bolt holes, but that will not correct the port alignment or make it seal!

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Ai LTx Vic Jr. or LTx Pro-Ram Single Plane - If your a bracket racer yearning for a carburetor or are looking for a no holds barred LTx manifold package, this is the one!  Whether it's a good old Vic Jr. or a tricked out Pro-Ram with all the accessories, we have done it and have the results to back up our claims.  As this is a custom "one-off" oriented item, please contact us for a specific price quote.