Mike Harvey's 1995 Z28

Mike Harvey's 1995 Z28

Mike has taken the time to put a superb combination together for his 1995 Z28.  With Mike's determination and skill this car will surely continue to impress as the weather comes around to us this fall.  With an 11.5:1 compression 383 LT1 shortbock, Ai 215 cc TFS LT1 heads, converted ProRam intake manifold, and a custom Ai solid roller this is one screaming powerplant.  The driveline is comprised of a GM TH350, 3600 rpm stall converter, and 4.56's in a moser 12 bolt.  With mostly stock suspension parts and Mike doing his own tuning with a new FAST XFI system we expect great things out of this car at its current 3400 lb raceweight.  This far Mike has managed to run into the 10.6's @ 128.6 mph at his local KY track.

Here's a video of Mike's car - 9.46 @ 141 mph N2O

Another video of Mike's car running a 10.79

Mikes's Specs and Modifications
  • 1995 Z28
  • 3470 - 3500 lb Raceweight
  • 383 CID LT1 Eagle / SRP Shortblock
  • 11.5:1 Static Compression Ratio
  • Ai 215 cc TFS LT1 Cylinder Heads
  • Ai LTx Pro-Ram Single Plane
  • Accel 4 bbl Throttle Body
  • Ai Custom Roller Cam & Valvetrain
  • Jesel 1.6/1.6 Ratio Shaft Rockers
  • NX Wet N2O kit - #52 Jets
  • Hooker 1-3/4" Long Tube Headers
  • Meziere Electric LT1 H2O pump
  • TH350 Automatic Transmission
  • 3600 rpm Converter (Mike sees 4k currently)
  • Moser 12 - Bolt - 4.33 Ratio
  • FAST XFi ECU - Self Tuned
  • QA1 Front Shocks
  • Spohn Torque Arm
  • Spohn Drag Bar